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Wild Bill Hickok

Based on one of the real-life infamous men of the West, U.S. Marshal James Butler Bill' Hickok, commonly known as "Wild Bill" Hickock, the show aired on Mutual Broadcasting System between April 1st, 1951 and December 31st, 1954. It aired in a slightly altered format under different sponsorship for less than a full year (1955-1956).

Since it was a relative latecomer to radio, and television was gaining ground as a well-liked medium, it was natural to have the show air on both media outlets simultaneously with he same cast, Guy Madison as Hickok and Andy Devine as Jingles. Other well-known radio figures appeared as guests, but Madison and Devine were the only regulars.

The real-life Bill Hickok was a legend during his own lifetime. His exploits and various professions were as colorful as his getups. Hickok wore his blond hair swept back from his handsome face and down past his shoulders, and he sported a well-trimmed mustache befitting his gambler image. Hickok served as the marshal of Abilene, Kansas, a scout for the United States during the Civil War, and Pony Express rider, Indian scout for General Custer, sharpshooter, professional gambler, and later on, an actor. Of course, his real-life adventures were ripe for radio renditions.

There are 225 shows in our collection! Date Aired
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The Gunmans Brand November 7, 1952
The Mayor of Mule Mesa September 26, 1952
The Secret of the Iron Door October 15, 1952
The Jaws of the Law October 29, 1952
One More to Get October 10, 1952
The Stranger December 29, 1952
The Rustlers of Rattlesnake Bend December 22, 1952
Timber Trouble December 5, 1952
Old Reds Revenge November 19, 1952
Wild Bills Double Trouble November 12, 1952
The Terrible Cook October 17, 1952
Joke Book Bandits December 12, 1952
A Vicious Joke October 1, 1952
Madman of Moon Mountain November 5, 1952
Delta Belle Hijack December 14, 1952
War Drums and the Princess December 3, 1952
The Ruins of Black Canyon December 26, 1952
Jingles Birthday October 8, 1952
The Treasure Map War November 14, 1952
A Dangerous Vacation October 24, 1952
The Wolf of Ghost Mountain October 3, 1952
The Mark of the Claw October 22, 1952
Hang Town Jail November 21, 1952

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